Thumbs up to the Dev team. Flame has been awesome

I just want to give a big thumbs up to the Flame Dev team. Thanks for creating such an excellent product.

Flame has really proven itself over and over again to me again over the past couple of months on a series we have been working on.

Flame is so fast compared to Nuke & Fusion. We have been churning through a multitude of shots in very short timeframes with a very small team. There has been no CGI, but still a lot of tricky 2D compositing combining multiple plates of handheld footage (Hello parallax).

The new camera tracker worked a treat for me personally on a couple of shots.

I have used the ML body extraction on quite a few shots with the results good enough that they did not need roto, which would have caused delays and added expense as there were some lengthy shots.

Whilst there are a few tweaks I might personally prefer to the UI (though others would want different things to me so this is an impossible ask of a dev team) the UI is so fast to build a comp.

And I love that I can hit render on a shot and see the result quickly, not having to wait for it to travel through a pipeline, then being able to view the result easily in context. There’s been no crashes, no corrupted renders, nothing behaving unexpectedly.

It has also been good to see that the many local Flame freelancers I have reached out to for overflow work have been too busy to take it on. I’m keen to train up a few more artists when I have the time. I think this is vital now.

Anyway, with so many grumpy bastards complaining on here (and not being proactive about improving it) I thought I’d say that I think Flame is awesome and is still my tool of choice.


well said @AdamArcher! Completely agree.

Though, I’ll say- I don’t really see a lot of grumpy complaining here…

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Agreed! Thanks for sharing, Adam!

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