Flames new camera tracker just absolutely nailed a difficult shot

I have a client that occasionally sends me difficult shots they can’t track. I’m a big syntheyes fan, so that’s basically my go to tracker for everything. I recently did the tutorials for the new camera tracker, but my gut feeling was I would still be using syntheyes. From my basic understanding of how the new camera tracker works, I thought it wouldn’t be great for shots with a lot of roving camera motion. I was wrong.

So this shot had a lot of roving motion, sometimes not a lot to track, and a girl right in the middle of it all. Syntheyes wouldn’t track the end part on auto, I was having to create a lot of manual trackers, but it was still v jumpy, and was a lot of work.

I decided to give the flame tracker a go, and it basically nailed it with one button press. Just default settings and it was golden. The tracker was tracking the girl too, and I’m not good enough to separate her trackers from the bg trackers, but even with that the track was good enough to put some flying objects zooming around her head.

So I’ll definitely be checking out the internal cam tracker from now on too.


Thanks for sharing your experience Rufus!

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Good to hear. Its massivly hit and miss with me, even with shots i think it would easily handle.

@RufusBlackwell Did you try “mask humans”, to keep the girl out of the track/solve?

Nope, I did not. I’ll check it out.

I prob need to do a few tracks, then go back through the tutorials

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Yeah I found just now I needed some refresher too haha…especially on refining the track…

I just did a refresher on the camera tracker following Grants projection and it took me a while to work out why it didnt work for me. Everytime i added an extra axis to position the image in the right place it broke the track. Why when i added a new axis it had a value in z scale. I expected an axis with all values default. When i reset it it worked.