To those with Resolve in their workflows

I’m just wondering if a feature request for Flame to support .drt files for conform?

For those not in the know drt or DaVinci Resolve Timeline could be described as BlackMagic’s version of an AAF or XML for conform.


Can you open a drt with a text editor? i dont think resolve has opened up DRt.

we should all move to OTIO …

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Hey Adz –

Funny I bump into you again, trying to figure out something similar…

But it looks like it might not be possible, as .drt files change quite often between resolve releases: Blackmagic Forum • View topic - What kind of format is DRT file written with?

It’s a shame that Open Timeline isn’t more supported. That is the way to go. A bit like USD for CG.


I was under the impression tht there is no native support for OTIO in either application. Please tell me I’m an ignoramus though and that it is there.

At least there are OTIO plugins for Resolve, though I just read a couple of threads where people were complaining about bugs. Then again, that happens on Logik too.

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yea its like a “avid bin” avb, there id also a drb? file from resolve its all custom and not open, its not really a aaf its the full timeline just exported as a small file

OTIO would be a nice addition. Does Flame have a native timeline file format? In theory its mostly a matter of writing an OTIO adapter. Assuming there is python access to most features necessary to construct a OTIO timeline. This will be interesting from a VFX point of view as one of the core features of OTIO is to hold shot metadata.


It probably
does have something under hood, might just be some xml
formatted thing,

yea OTIO would be amazing in flame … not holding my
breath we are still rolling with aces 1.1 :rofl::rofl: