Topaz Video Enhance AI - success and issues

Hello all,

Had great luck up-rezzing (spelling?) a color transfer that came in at 2k. Footage was great, just too small. Topaz rocked it out, but I did not figure out how to carry timecode across and the missing first frame issue is still there. Also, no ProRes 4444 support - so I went with ProRes422HQ.

To fix the timecode - I re-ingested without caching the original 2k clips, set to 4k on ingest, then put the new up-rezzed clips on top, re-exported in case the editor wanted the 4k plates.

Would love any comments, tips, etc. for future work.



Are you happy with the temporal smoothness? I tried Topaz video early on and there was lots of flickering between frames.

I was doing a straight up res with “Video Artifact Type” set to “None - AI Should Preserve & Enhance Details” - there were no issues.