Improving noisy uprezzed SD Material?

I have been handed a dreadful old commercial from nearly 20 yrs ago, shot on 4x3 standard def but supplied as a 1920x1080 centre cutout Prorez. Image quality is bloody awful, but i need to somehow improve it.

Any suggestions how to bring back some detail once i have denoised it, without making it look even worse?

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Neat Video Denoise then Video Topaz for the win.


Topaz does interesting things (it has a denoising quality to it on its own) but you’d really want the original SD if you could get it, rather than an already destroyed upres.

yeah…no chance on the originals, and when i tried the demo of Topaz it wasn’t able to improve it any more than i did with a Separation/DeNoise/Sharpen in bfx.

worth a try though!