Uprez in flame

What are your best results in uprezing material in flame?
in particular, hd to uhd.
thanks in advance.

Never used it before myself, and it’s not in flame, but I’ve heard very good things about the Topaz AI stuff. Video Enhance AI – Video Quality Software


I have a subscription to Video Enhance AI and I love the results. Some results are awe-inspiring in the detail that they dig out. Jumping up one or two levels really works, but going from 576x768 to 4k does not quite do the job. Going from HD to UHD should look very healthy with the software. You can download a demo.

My deep wish is for Autodesk to buy them up and place it into Flame as a node. Maybe one day I’ll wake up and it will be so? Please.


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Another +1 for Topaz AI. Used it to turn an HD spot into a 4k spot and the results were phenomenal.

Yet another +1 for Topaz AI. I used it to clean up some really gross, interlaced SD footage that needed to be bumped up to HD. It’s pretty astounding.

Topaz AI +1.


nuke upscale AI :smiley: