Tracking phones and monitors in Flame

What is your go to tracker in flame for phone comps? Gmask tracker to axis not giving me proper perspective or and motion blur stops part way through a pan. And any matchbox favorites to fudge Motion blur? Autodesk should have bought Moco and integrated in. IMHO. Thanks in advance.

I have fallen in love with perspective grid for phone screens.

I use it to stabilise and I can roto and clean up. I comp the screen also on the stabilised plate but I then apply it all back under the perspective grid node.

The perspective grid gives me the motion blur I need.


The frustrating answer is, well, it depends! Don’t forget that gmask tracking gives you planar data, which doesn’t ‘really’ include perspective. Driving a Perspective surface with planar data should give you the correct perspective, as opposed to a Bilinear or Flat or Ex Bicubic surface which won’t.

Most of the time screen comps are always a different solution. Sometimes it’s a 1 point. Sometimes its a 2 point. Sometimes its a 4 point. Sometimes it’s a planar track. Sometimes its a Perspective Grid. Sometimes its a camera track where you fake a static camera / moving object. Sometimes its Mocha with an unlinked track. Sometimes its Mocha with a regular planar track and hold out. Sometimes it Mocha Powermesh.

If you have good tracking data Motion Blur ought to come from free. If its not, then reverse parenting a surface to an Axis with a solid 1 point track and get you out of a pickle quite easily.


Good to see you here, Jeff! I use the Gmask Tracer to axis pasted into Action for most phone comps, but go to Mocha Pro in a pinch. I’ve never had a problem with motion blur stopping mid pan in Action…maybe you have an errant kf?

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Perspective grid almost always.

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Will Harris and Stephan
Why does the axis tracker no longer give you a 2 point tracker available?
Please just add features.
Don’t take great things away.
Thanks for all the tips!
Autodesk. Please license or buy Moco’s IP

Nobody has taken anything away from the Tracker. Tracking on an Axis will give you 2 points when you enable either Rotation, Scale, or Rotation and Scale.


Which I don’t like. I sometimes play with multiple trackers when creating a one point track, then combine them into tracker 1. No I need to turn on rotation then clear the z rotate when I’m done.

As with most things in Flame more than one way to skin a cat. You can always build a better mouse trap. I should stop beating a dead horse…

It’s never easy. Stabilise first. Doesn’t matter if it takes 1,2 or more setups to do with a bit of hand tracking. Then invert it all and soft matte back onto original plate.

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Try using edge detection to help it find things to track :+1:t2:

Tanks Renee. Love your car demos. Thanks!

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That is awesome Tim. I used to do this all the time. Going to get back to that. Thanks!

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