Tracking reference question or suggestion

Hi all.
Quick question and maybe a feedback suggestion.
When planar tracking, in F8 view, I’ve got in the top left corner, the reference of the previous frame pattern, and under it the patterns found in the actual frame.
That’s fine and it give a good info on your current track. You immediately see if it drifts from last frame to the current one.
But sometimes, it drifts so little that you don’t notice it from one frame to the next but from the first to the last, you end up with a big gap.

Is there a possility to also have the snapped frame reference as well? So we can see how it goes from the last frame but also from the initial one?

If not possible do you think it could be a feature request?
Thx. :pray:

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If you set it to auto update the tracking info it’ll use the previous frame, if you leave that button off it’ll reference the last snapped frame.

Honestly there’s a lot that could be done for both the planar and point trackers–I always think of Syntheyes’ ability to “smooth” between tracking keyframes as a useful feature, something that would blend the worlds of “auto update” with “snap only” in a functional, and manipulate-able way.


Thx for your answer.
Yes, there could be many things to improve, even if it’s already a nice tool.
Here, I would like the tracking pattern to update every frame, but still see the initial snapped one.
Don’t think it is possible.
I’ll take my chance sending a feature request. :slight_smile:

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