Consolidate in batch

Anyway to Cut a clip while in timing in batch, X hotkey doesn’t work. Here is my issue I have about 30 clips each rather long 2000 frames etc and now with all the slips I need to send the clips out to roto but I need to trim them down to batch length and in timing the only way I can do that is to slide the clips, anyway of doing a trim to batch length in timing or any other place?

every clip in batch has its own timeline. right click on the clip, open as sequence, bombs away.

but if each one has its own different slip then I have to remember that and adjust accordingly to 30 clips that seems annoying, just curious if since its visual on the batch timing with the in and out marked I can easily trim there with the slips

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what happens if you make each of them a BFX and then slip that BFX?

a better solve would be to have a function of trim clip to batch length as a shortcut

Just wish it retained the in and outs of the batch so then I could visualize it I am to stupid to remember all the slips