Shortcut to select head/tail extender widgets

Is there a shortcut or another method to select all of the head/tail trim handles? Every now and again I need to extend/trim all the segments by several frames. It becomes a hassle to select all of them individually…


Hi Sinan,

Select all the segments you want to trim and press COMMAND/META+Left arrow for outgoing frame or COMMAND/META+Right arrow for incoming frame. Once they are selected you can trim multiple segments.

Hope this helps



Smoke Classic hotkeys for the same operations:
Space-B for outgoing (tails)
Space-N for incoming (heads)

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I just asked the same question on discord and @PlaceYourBetts gave me the following solution:

Match all clips to a reel and splice them back.

You have to use the splice reel command, else it will keep handles when dragging them back.