Twixtor 8 (beta) with Machine learning is now available for Flame!

**Update: We are going to pull this version of Twixtor until we have done a little more internal testing and updating. Next version I post will be more stable.

The beta page says Mac, Windows and Linux as it’s for the beta a single package for all hosts - same license works in all hosts we support here.

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Do we need a license to even test the watermarked beta, because this doesn’t work AT ALL. Screen recording incoming. @LoriFreitag


Hi Alan, I am going to check and get back to you. Thanks for the screen record. Lori

Hey @ALan , Can you do a quick test on regular video instead of a graphic? I sent a link to your YouTube video to the programmers and they asked. They were wondering if it is working on regular video. I don’t currently have Flame installed on the computer I am on, to check.

How is the speed on a Mac Studio vs Linux? The current free ML timewarp solution is massively slower on Mac, and if yours is fast you might sell us a few copies.

I did try real footage originally, which behaved the same. And if it can’t work with a simple inline batch like my example, then the plugin is of no use.

Hey @ALan, apparently it works there in Flame 2024 Linux with them - he said he will figure it out because maybe Flare is reporting a different host. Standby.
Also, Alan… don’t shoot the messenger! Remember, I trained you a million years ago! :smiley:


Don’t worry Lori. Alan shoots all the messengers.

Jerry Stiller Reaction GIF


Ha ha! We are working on it… apparently an issue with Flare… will have a new version to upload soon.


@alan finds all the bugs. He’s way good at it. Thanks for the update!

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Alan has been good since I trained him on Flame, back when he was a toddler!


When I select Twixtor, flame crash right away. I’m on mac m2.

Please post pics, please post pics, please post pics….

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Wish I had pics! That was in the stone age, before phones had cameras.

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They are doing some more testing. I will probably be uploading another version shortly. Stand by. Thanks. What is your setup (OS and version of Flame that you are running)?


flame 2024.2.1. Ventura 13.5

Thank you!

Try this new updated version.

do you have the ability to do fluid morphs with this because that would be amazing

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