Which version Flame are you running?

Hi everyone. Very informal poll here: which version of Flame are you running? I’m going to upgrade my boxes and am trying to find the sweet spot of freshness vs. wide use – so freelancers can actually like, work for me, in compatible bliss.

*Currently running 2021.1. I know…

always latest and greatest everything, OS/Software.

If you are the one paying people, you dictate how things get done. If they can’t accommodate, on to the next. This is Show Business, not Show Playground.


Indeed, as Alan says, you’re the boss. Joanne has about 5 versions loaded and works in whatever versions are asked of her. If they are running on macs, they can update inbetweensies. No need to go in order.

Thanks gents, I am aware of the concept of who’s boss and who is the hired. The compatibility caused an issue in a last minute jam, but I found help. Just want to get a sense of who is on what at the moment. Thanks.

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2022.2, Mac Big Sur.

2022.3 / Linux

2022.2 here

Whatever the job calls for. If you’re subscribed you can download any version. I had some times in the last year where I had five versions for different jobs.

2022.3 Linux

hangs head in shame :face_exhaling:


but due to upgrade to 2022.3 any day now :crossed_fingers:

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I’m not so sure this is going to help you all that much @GPM. 2023 will be out soon and you’ll just be in the same boat when a lotta people jump on new features. Plus with Rocky Linux on the horizon, you’ll likely have more challenges to overcome with versions. Perhaps the better way to think about it is not “what version am I as a studio on” but “what version should this project be?” 2021.2.whatever vs. 2022.whatever was kinda the last major version hurdle, due to Python versions gumming up the works. At least for the next few months. I think. Maybe.


The only constant is that freelancers who really want the work will overcome the challenges of dealing with multiple Flame versions. Those that don’t, won’t.

DOH! Almost forgot! Any version of Flame 2022 and newer.


2022.3 on a mac

2022.2, 2022.3 Mac

2022.2 Linux and Mac

2022.2 Mac and Linux

2022.3 on linux, but due to the incessant freezing issue, will be going back to 2021 when my current project is finished.

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I am probably going to do the same as Paul. If you’re doing longform then client sign offs are just embarrassing.

I must have missed this. What is the freezing issue, and do you know if it exists in earlier versions of 2022?

I’ve had it in all versions of 2022, and it’s driving me crazy!
Doesn’t happen on the mac though.
Just search for micro freezes.