Unreal Compers?

Are there any Unreal Compositors around? Is that a thing?

The guy who taught me flame has moved into Unreal work. Not sure if he’s on this forum. Jon Baxter @ Perceptual Engineering

I mean… for live/VP stuff or using the actual UE comp tools?

Ive tried the latter but its was so utterly absolute garbage that we just did it in nuke

I’ve done a bit but all in Nuke. I’ve found the AOVs out of UE are basically useless so it’s like comping CG circa 2005.

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My understanding from some who have used it is that it’s a very beautiful gimmick, but not much use in professional needs. So I doubt there will be many UR compositors on that level.

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This was done using Unreal, flame and a bit of nuke. I think we pushed Unreal pretty hard.


That’s cool - what was done in Unreal? Was it the racecars?

Shot in December 21 in Kyiv. Freezing cold. Russell Tickner and Barnes did lead the project.

Racing scenes, some track etc - check this out


If you like that one - you might like this one - no unreal this time - some regular cg though

Making of

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this was my last UE project also UE-> Nuke,

Yea AOVs are mostly useless, even just trying to get a depth map out and rendering multiple layers is … not that easy. :grin: