Camera track fail

I’m trying to track a shot that is a drone shot, but everytime I try, Flame crashes.
I’ve tried in 2023 and 2022 and rebooted, each time I get this error in a shell:
ransac.h.69 Check failed: max_error > 0

Any ideas?

Is the clip maybe somehow bad? If you process the whole shot through the color corrector without doing anything (and just writing new media to your framestore), does it work then?


Is this using the original Mono Analyzer 3D tracker?

I’ve found sometimes it just crashes if it can’t resolve the track so adding roto and manual trackers can help.

I would first try resizing the clip down to half and adding roto to exclude the edges of the frame (like 10% in from the edge), just to see if that gets a result without crashing.

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No the new camera analysis tracker.
I managed to get it to work by drastically reducing the number of trackers by trial and error.

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How long is the shot and what’s the canvas size?

230 frames long, UHD 16bit FP, resized down from 6064x3196.

Not excessivley long or big then