Update cg quickly

No one uses pattern browsed clips because

  1. Most people dont realize you need more then one version for the clip to come into flame as a pattern browsed clip.
  2. The window to build the pattern is to damn small
  3. Not all the available tokens are listed in the window where the pattern is built
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Not sure I understand the first point, like you have to have a v02 before you can bring in a v01?

I’ve never used it in batch but the media hub version doesn’t work like that.

Edit because I hit send too fast!

I use pattern browse clips when I’m working on longer form projects (to me “longer form” is longer than like 3 minutes). It’s always annoying in one way or another but works ok if the naming gets respected by everyone else.

Yes, that is what Jesse is saying.

Aren’t we just talking about doing this though? Or am I really not getting this?
EDIT: Ignore the .clip suffix, they are not clip files, it’s just an example of convergent evolution.