Using Connected Segments to Mimic Link BFX

Hi. This is a question specifically for @fredwarren regarding the Reverse user group, although if anyone else has the answer, that works too. I was asking for a mimic link for BFXs and you showed a neat way to do so with connected segments, however I’m having problems recreating what you did. In the demo you had a BFX in the timeline and you right clicked and selected "create segment connection:

When I try the same, I don’t have that option:

Just wondering what I could have missed?

(Running Flame 2024.2)



Edit to add, this is the section of the reverse user group I am referencing:

Hey @RufusBlackwell
I use it daily. Not as connected conform necessarily, but for linking the bfx setups laterally. It really should work.

Of course, due to personal workflows something must be different. Not at the box now but are you on the record timeline?

Maybe if you do a screen recording we have a better idea.

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The timeline needs to be on a Sequence Reel and be open as the Record (like Sinan said).

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Ah yeh that’s it cheers guys.

Interesting. That was my first impression as well, but when I tested it before replying, I had no issues making a connection without opening the clip as a sequence reel. That only seems to have an effect if there is only one segment in the clip.