Connected Conform - Not all segments updating (Sync)

I am much a fan of the Connected Workflow, but it seems to not always perform as I expect it to and am wondering if anyone else has insight?

My workflow:

After shots and Source sequences have been made, I choose to add BFX’s onto my sequences, and then right click “Sync Batch FX to Connected Segements” to update the rest of the shared sources in other cuts.

The problem/my question

For the most part this works… but somehow I have a few connected segments on other edits that just did not update w BFX. What could cause this? Does anyone else experience this working this way?

No new clips have been added after creating the shots/source sequence.
All I do is duplicate a track, add bfx and then Sync. Furthermore, I usually remove segment connection after I duplicate onto a new track for bfx add.

flame 2022.0.1

Hi Dan!

When you make the Shots Sequence, are you able to spot-check some of your edits and make sure the segments are synced? I big culprit for me is edits where the shots have different timewarps and flame will make multiple shots in the Shots Sequence for this.

One thing I do to quickly get an idea whether things are connected… After making the Shots Sequence, change the color of all the segments to something else… like red or orange. Now you should be able to quickly look at some of your edits and and see any shots that are not linked… they will still be the default color. Then you can investigate further on those exact shots.

Let me know if you still have issues.



I can see that all the linked sequences are listed correctly when I right click and view “jump to shared source segment”. I just have a few culprit clips that will not populate the other segments inside other sequences with the BFX update.

I love the color Idea, I will try that.

I like that colour thing too. Good trick.

With the linked colours, if it doesn’t work for any reason, make sure the “Options → Connected Segments → Link Colours” is ticked ON (Options contextual menu in the bottom left beneath the Timeline)

I had that ticked “off” once by accident for some reason and it drove me crazy until I found out… :slight_smile:

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Sorry I’m a little late to the game. When it comes to troubleshooting Connected Conform stuff there’s always a lot of variables, and BFX, as I’ve found, does tend to compound the complexity.

The first thing that stands out to me is that you say the BFX shots in question are the same source, but that doesn’t mean that they’re connected per-se. Double check that the segments in question that you think should be receiving the BFX are indeed connected by right clicking on them and looking for the Jump to Connected Segment (not Jump to Shared Source Segment) and confirm that it’s indeed connected with the shot(s) with the BFX on them. I suspect they may not be. If they are then that’s quite strange, but not the strangest thing I’ve seen.

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