Segment connection

I’m having a brain freeze and cant remember how to link multiple clips to 1 batch bfx setup

I’m on clip 1 has the bfx, I drag the bfx from clip one onto clip 2. Now how to I connect their setup segment?

Before copying, just comand click the first segment and choose create segment connection. Now when you copy, the 2 segments will be connected.

I did that but the 2 clips are not connected. There is no link icon on the second clip and there is no option to sync segment connection. Is it because its a bfx and not a soft effect?

Just reread your first post. You have to copy a segment not a BFX. If you want the same BFX affecting different segments with different media then you could put a GAP BFX on a track above segment 1, create segment connect on the gap bfx and then copy the gap effect onto a track above segment 2.

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Great idea. Thanks

I do this with legals and other titles, but it can be limiting with images in that it restricts the footage to the resolution of the timeline rather than the source footage.

True. I too only do this for legals and such

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