Using known coordinates in Syntheyes

I am tracking a drone shot of downtown Los Angeles using Syntheyes. I want to set a few track points based on their actual GPS-derived locations. I’m fairly new to Syntheyes, does anyone know how to set up points and specify the xyz coordinates of each point and lock them? Thanks in advance!

@Sean1985 any ideas?

OK, this short tutorial revealed how to specify tracker coordinates and lock them.

Edit: At first, specifying actual locations of a few of the trackers made the solve unusable. Then I realized I needed to change the solver from “Refine” back to “Automatic”. That helped a lot, but still wasn’t great. So I locked the location of another tracker that was on the ground near the left edge of frame, and wow, it’s really locking up a lot better now. Still not perfect, so I’ll try locking another point or two in a problem area.

You could always try reaching out to Dr. Russ. at Boris FX
His genius knows no constraints…

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