3D Track Question - adding a manual track

Forgive me evryone knows this i dont…

I have 3D tracked a shot and the track is bang on! However there is a forground object close to camera that i need to lock something to and the track did not produce an axis for that particular area. Is there a way i can add an accurate axis to that area / object because if i try to manulaly add an axis it would be a needle in haystack trying to locate its space in a 3d world. Just to add i can easly track this point in 2D space but that wont help within the 3D track.

Super thankful for a resolution to this. Is it Syntheyes ??

Could you bring it into flane and do the find a point trick?

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Sorry i dont think i made my self clear. Im doing this in Flame but id love to know the find a point trick if its a easily availble share?

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Hi Marcus. Here is a link to Lewis Saunders ‘Find-a-point’ trick:

Good luck mate!


Ah sorry i thought it was syntheyes.

Have a watch of this logik live with @kirk

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Super grateful i shall take a look. M

If you have the tracking data in syntheyes, you can do a similar trick, that is even a bit faster than the find a point solution.

First, create a new tracker where you need it. Then right click the tracker and select attributes-》make zero weighted tracker (zwt). Then use the mouse to scrub to different frame, and relocate the tracker to match ( hold z-key and click on the desired detail if tracker is not visible on that frame). There should be a yellow X indicating a 3d point that has been created. Then lock the tracker with the + key so it does not change anymore. You do not need to re-solve or anything because the ZWT tracker has no influence (hence the name). If you do not see the yellow X ( it could also be red if it is selected) then there is some viewing setting when right clicking the camera view that says something like “show 3d trackers”…

Hope this helps. Hit me up if this is unclear…


^^^ this is the way.

This was my 1st approach and even with my limited syntheyes knowledge this has done the trick. Thank you.

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Nice! I don’t deserve the solution though!!! @Sean1985 gets was quickest on the draw!


Like always such thanks to all that contribute to these solves. many thanks @Sean1985 i’m going to learn this process also so i can keep within Flame. Thanks both