Flickering phone screens

So I just got some footage where a iPhone 12 pro max would flicker like crazy when dimmed, it seems like the OLED in it is using PWM dimming.

Ill put OLED iphones on a black list for filming, have you had any good or bad experiences with others? I never had issues with LCD phones/screens.

So just a heads up if production wants to shoot with a newer oled phone.

(seems to be 226.2hz for the newest iphone 12 thingy)…


I mean, part of me is jealous you found yourself in a situation where the client knew what was supposed to be on the phone screen before filming. Haha.

well they put on a greescreen trackmarker app thing … so no they of course they made it much worse :smile:

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Oh. That is no good whatsoever. :frowning:

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yea… this happens when you know you f***** up but didnt dare to tell VFX before its much too late … :stuck_out_tongue: not like it wasnt solveable. but still…

When shooting practical screens or greenscreen tracking marker things on the iPhone, I leave the phone brightness on max to prevent flickering, but load multiple copies of the artwork with the brightness levels adjusted - 10% increments or so all the way down. Then you can can swipe through the image exposure levels while viewing cam output until it looks visually ok with your practical setup.

Also make sure to turn off any auto-adjust brightness/truetone stuff as well.

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