Tracked Screen replacement transitions

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I’m looking for tricks/workflows for screen replacement transitions - you know the effect where for example a phone in on a bench top with the footage replaced and then we seamlessly transition to the footage on the phone becoming full screen.

Specifically I love to know if any one has any tricks with the perspective grid to be able to animate into and out of the tracked animation data - something akin to the the mix slider in the auto stabiliser. I’ve tried duplicating the tracked perspective grid deleting the key frames over the transition duration and attempting to “reset” the perspective grid perimeters, however, I believe there must be some additional hidden data being generated as resetting all the values back to default on a particular frame doesn’t give the same result as apply a fresh perspective grid node.

Any ideas or alternative work flows?

Not exactly sure how you’re doing the transition, but one thing to watch out for on perspective grids is the grid width and height.

By default the grid is set to a 1:1 ratio, but as soon as you start dragging the points around it will change the default width and height values. This might account for why your image is looking different even though you’ve set the grid corners back to the original position.

If you change the Constraint tab to Lock Both that may resolve your issue.

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Not a phone but this logik live may have some good tips for you.

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Ive done this a bunch, what I found works best is to do it it action with cameras,

if the phone plate is moving, whoch is preffered, you 3D track the camera move, unlink it so you have a camera with accessible keyframes, now just animate to taste, mostly you want to remove the keyframes where camera goes close to screen and add your own ones all the way to when you want the canera , project everything onto a plane at the depth of the phone, put your B plate to where you want it to be in depth (or even animate it) and boom.

Another way is to stabilize the plate on the phone (good with mocha), add insert, and then dont destabilze but create your own new animated scale animation, add shake to taste.

Basically the idea is to remove and recreate own keyframes to extend the shot camera move to cover both shots.

What also works is just to animate a new camera fully by hand like here , plate A and B both had non matching speed camera moves and i just hand animated a new camera and some very rough geo, mostly just a surface for each plate ABSOLUT | #BornToMix | Original - YouTube