Has anyone ever replaced the cover sheet on a wacom?
My Intuos 3 is getting pretty worn, don’t want to buy a new one, so looking for a recommendation of a plastic material to use on top.
I’ve seen mention of mylar sheet.
Any thoughts?

buy one on eBay, there really cheap. …or https://paperlike.com/products/paperlike-for-ipad

If the wear is primarily in one area, you might be able to rotate it 180 degrees in z.


Get a “new” Intous 3 from Ebay for 50 bucks. It’s so nice to not have to deal with the touch screen stuff on the newer Intous tablets.

This was an ebay buy, just need a new cover sheet, or whatever they’re called, and most of them on ebay have some wear anyway.

If I remember correctly, you WFH the majority of the time with Teradici, which is designed to work with the newer Pro series. Wacom has an ebay store with “refurbished” (basically brand new) for about 50% off. In fact it was cheaper for us to buy tablets from here, than to just buy replacement Pens only off Amazon.


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No, only occasionally WFH, hence looking for a cheap option.
That wacom outlet is interesting, however its a US ebay store.

This one is under 40 bucks shipped!

But not to the UK.

Right. Sorry about that Paul. :frowning:

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