Well...if it isn't AI, it the damn North Koreans




Great, now I have to background check my vendors to see if they’re commie spies.

Does this mean that The Simpsons has actually been animated in the DPRK this whole time?

I know even before there was a renaissance in Korean animation, most US shows (Simpsons, King of Hill, etc) were animated there because it was cheap. Kinda stands to reason now that Korean animation is really good they’d go looking for places to send their labor.

I’ve always had the feeling that one unspoken part of why the DPRK can persist is that countries use it for cheap labor. I’ve heard rumors of Japan doing so, and would be genuinely surprised if South Korea wasn’t also. Which is not to cast aspersions; my homeland’s supreme court says it’s cool to use slave labor to harvest chocolate1.

Nestle’s side of the case was argued by Obama appiontee Neil Kaytal. Dude also worked for Johnson and Johnson when they got sued for selling carcinogenic baby powder. Fuck that guy.

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When it’s the US the people who dig up these types of documents are cyber-sleuths and researchers, when they are North Korean they are nefarious hackers. :grimacing:
Not saying any one is better than the other…

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