What codec settings for Alexa Mini

Hi, On my next project they are shooting green screen on an Alexa mini. What’s the best codec to ask for? Prores 4444 XQ ??? Also DP is asking if he should shoot with a 180 degree shutter?

Final delivery is HD

Here are the camera specs

Personally I would go with ARRIRAW and 90 degree shutter. You can add motion blur in post, but it’s hard to remove it.
If for some reason they do want to go with PR4444 XQ that would be absolutely fine too.


Be aware that on some of the mini’s, ARRIRAW is, by default, recorded as open gate.

How would they display that on a monitor at the shoot?

There are lots of different display options, but most likely it’ll get output as open gate with 16 x 9 overlays for framing.

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Most likely they will be looking at 16x9, cropped from the full size, on set, unless it’s anamorphic.

I’ve seen how cameras have their output on set displayed differs depending on the project and DOP and how they are framing it. There isn’t one correct answer to that question

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yea the usual would be letterboxing wirh 16:9 framelines on top.

this pdf you can print out and hang on your wall.

it shows you exactly what each arri camera can do in what mode and what it records etc.

be aware that some things like arriraw require a special license that costs a lot of money.

if you can - do arriraw , arriraw is great but heavy it does make a difference when keying, i am not a big fan of a fast shutter - 180deg is fine for humans id say but potato potato.

Make sure to get a tripod head or whatever that allows for vertical mounting of the camera as well, when shooting vertical things like people you want to fill the frame as much as possible to not waste so many pixels.

otherwise as allways lighting lighting lighting.

A bad lit arriraw on a alexa65 will end up looking worse in your comp than a well lit greenscreen shot on a iPhone.,… cant fix it really. can always paint edges :wink:

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Thanks everyone for all the advice