What is the best way to extend a Batch at the head?

I’m curious what people think is the best way to deal with a shot that gets extended at the head. I generally end up using Muxes to slip everything x number of frames ahead but that gets really messy in a lot of situations. I wish it could be as simple as setting the SF to a negative number but alas, that doesn’t work.
When I work at Film/Episodic shops with Nuke pipelines, the shots always pad the frames by 1000 for just this reason but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done in a Flame/commercials pipeline.

So even if I implement that when I’m working on my own Flame from home, it won’t help me when I’m taking over someone else shot or working as part of a team via remote or (hah) on-site.

Is there a simpler way that I’m just not aware of is this just an annoying part of Flame life? #flamelyfe


Go to the last node in the chain, right click it, select “Make BFX”. That’ll generate a clip in your setup. Slip the clip the appropriate number of frames, right-click the clip and select “explode FX”. That’ll turn back into a node chain with everything slipped (even the paint work!)


Whaaaa. holy cow, that’s exactly the answer I was hoping for posting this but didn’t think there would be a magic bullet like that. You are a legend Andy.

That trick has saved my bacon many times.

Is anyone using 1001 as a start frame in Flame?

I agree with the concept but the last time I used it (2018.3) we found key frames slipping out of place.

I was waiting for a suitably small job for me to try again using 2020.3

I’ve been burned by that 1000f bug on 2018 too. I think it’s fixed. I know of at least one shop that has 1001 as the default start now, but I still tend to start at 1.

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BFX slip is my go-to!

However sometimes the batch has more than one output and it’s a massive setup so this doesn’t work. I seem to recall being able to set negative numbers at the head of the setup to begin the render…?

Just to have it here for everyone, what I’ve written on discord.

In the rendernode, the “render range” button will do the negative frames when the “from” is also negative.