What is your "most magical easy thing" in Flame?

I have been pulling keys today and every time I spill suppress a shot using the Master Keyer it feels like magic, like it feels way too easy, does too good a job.

I love it.

What is your “it’s like magic because I don’t have to try hard” thing in Flame?


You already stole mine.

When a strategically placed gmask planar track is faster than launching Mocha OFX, a tear falls from my eye.


I like Pattern Browsing and OpenClip. Some times only use it to just manage sequences in my storage. Only “out-of-the-box” contender (that I know) is FLUX Manage.


Gmask tracer - provide fg and bg and enjoy your instant matte, impossible to get any other way.


I feel the same way when keying with Keylight, it’s magic!

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Paint. It’s just simple and responsive. Like the old brushes app that David Hockney loves.

Though I do also love the tracer keyer too! Much undervalued. If only it could key on a 3D track too!

Also colour correct. Once I started ignoring the mill way and using the histogram like the grade node in Nuke, linear colour correcting became a lost easier.