NEW Flame 2022 Training - Gmask Tracer Updates

Hi All!

In this week’s video, you’ll learn about some of the new enhancements to the Gmask Tracer tools in Flame 2022.

This affects the Gmask Tracer, Image Toolset and Action 3D compositor.

So you’ll cover Gmask Creation and Manipulation, discover the new softness options and get to grips with improvements to the Gmask Edit box.

Please see the on-line documentation for the other additional improvements to the Gmask Toolset in Flame 2022.

You can check out this video and more on the Flame Learning Channel

or in Autodesk Learning on AREA and as a downloadable podcast via iTunes.

There are plenty more videos in production and so many more features to cover in Flame 2022.

Keep well and stay safe!


Some great tips here! Thanks as always Grant!!

Thanks Grant, some welcomed additions. Would be great if the centre point would remain where you set it when moving to a different frame. I understand it resetting when you go in and out of the edit box or change your selection but doesn’t make sense to reset it every time

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