Gmask Tracer 2022 drawing

Anyone here on 2022? Does the Gmask tracer now feel like gmask when roto’ing?

I ask because I still use the gmask if I’ve got anything slightly tricky to roto. I just don’t feel the tracer drawing is very intuitive.

I think Grant did a tutorial about all the new gmask tracer drawing upgrades for 2022.

Thanks Tim - I wondering if anyone has used it in anger and what do they reckon?

The main thing that’s new is the widget is ‘live’ while you draw. This was one of my big issues with Tracer that made me still use old gmask for certain things. I don’t think I’ve touched the old gmask since 2022 came out.

I learnt to love the EDIT box that you get in gmaskTracer. I heard that it has improved its rotate option so that the orientation no longer resets.

I have tried banning the old gmask. The gmaskTracers compatibility with Action makes it invaluable.

Love being able to use 3D camera imports but hate editing splines once they are in that 3D environment.

I have found this to be less than what I anticipated. It still jumps back to center as soon as you move to a new frame.

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One thing to note - the gmask tracer freaks out at stuff above 6 or 8k (can’t recal) whereas the old one still works.

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I also set the new Gmask Tracer to Auto Tangents, feels much more natural.
As I’m drawing organic shapes most of the time, so that’s a huge timesaver.

Sounds promising