What's in your bag?

Hello all!

I was inspired by the VFX Voice article I was wondering what is in everyones set supervision bag. I was struck by the suggestion of florescent golf tees by Eric Alba for quick tracking markers on grass (better then scrambling to put coloured dots on stones that I have done in the past :roll_eyes:) and the laser grid pen from Stephan Fleet (haven’t used it but I do like the idea).

Anyone care to share some of their must haves. With the constantly changing landscape of tools it’s interesting to hear others thoughts and solutions. Are people using tools for Photogrammetry regularly, still using Chrome balls or things like the Ricoh Theta (or HDReye - which works sometimes but sometimes shits the bed).

Anything to suggest to help us all add to the W column?

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I have a unique/strange item in my bag.

I carry a plastic chopping board

I can stick my tape and pre cut smaller squares using a craft knife. I just peel it off when I need to and it is ready to go on screens and stuff.