Free tracking markers

I’ve got a small bag full of 2.5x2.5 inch and 5x5 inch tracking markers. Old and beat up but plenty of life left. They are printed and glued to foam core. You pay shipping. U.S. shipping only.

I too have a small stash of customizable trackers. Combined with They are a versitile addition to any vfx supe’s bag.


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The more used look and texture they have, the better they track, right?

I’ve found that using logos on them allow you to charge more, just like how Directors of Photography use matte boxes.


Oh! I thought those were the backs of the new challenge coins! :slight_smile:

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Asking sincerely: in the modern era of tracking is there any value in those circle-triangle ones?

To me they’re just more effort to paint out with no upside. Am I missing something? Is there a track that would not have been doable with @ytf’s toolset?

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I don’t think so @andy_dill . I always get a little PO’d when I see a bunch of markers like these on phone/tablet comp shots! Maybe they’re still good for pinning onto a greenscreen cyclorama, but not for the kind of work I’m doing most of the time these days.

Ya try to do something nice and all you get is people talking shit about your tracking markers.

Yes, I own gaffer tape. Yes, I own scissors and/or have fingernails.

Sometimes I like these for green screens because the extra detail gives me a little bit of more precise defocus reference than hastily torn tape.

Rumor has it that Boujou used to like triangles instead of circles because it provided a more precise deformation reference. Is that true? Who knows.

I’m vain AF and something like these pre-printed markers look way more professional.


Unicorn Just havin’ a laugh at your expense.


I know I know. I’m having fun too.

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