When is z840 going to no longer be viable with new versions Flame?

I’m sure this has been covered here, but I missed it. Thanks in advance.

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I don’t think that Discreet has made any sort of official announcement, and I certainly can’t speak for them, but it has been my experience that when a system is listed on the requirements page as “legacy,” it’s a good indication that it will not be supported in the next major release. Using this reasoning, the z840 will no longer be supported in v2024. That does not mean it won’t work. It’s just no longer supported.

I don’t know if I’ve heard that officially but I’d reckon 2024 might be it.

Thanks, Gents.

I thought I saw in the 2023 notes that it’s no longer supported but perhaps I’m wrong. The question would then be, can you just chuck in a better GPU and get a few more years out of it?

There is almost nothing that prevents Flame from running on basically any hardware. It is more of if they test and “certify” it up in MTL. The only time I’ve seen old hardware actually not work is z800 generation with Flame 2023 because of missing instruction sets for the ML stuff that doesn’t exist on that generation CPU. Otherwise even our old z820 are working fine. Don’t sweat it. We still use z840s and they are great.