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Before upgrading to 2023 we’re going to replace our existing Z840 with either the Z8 or the Lenovo P620 as we’ve been told the Z840 has potentially only 12 months of use before it becomes obsolete. Has anybody got any recommendations as to which one to go for? We’ve been told that the Z8 is better due to the dual processors but who knows. I work 90% long form and 10% commercials

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I just finally demoted my z840 and replaced it with a fully specked p620, and I’m very happy with the price and performance. I’m not sure about the head to head comparison with a z8, put I believe the p620 came out favorably in the benchmark tests.

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z8 is still a good machine but it’s 6-ish years old. If you want to be on the cutting edge go with the latest Lenovo. Lenovo with ThreadRipper is the current leader on the flame benchmark test.

We have the top P620 (A6000, 3995WX) and it is at most 2x faster in real world than our z840, but it costs 5x the price.


is this in writing anywhere?

It is listed as legacy hardware in the 2023 release notes. That’s usually a good indicator that 2023 is the last version that it will be supported on. That doesn’t necessarily mean it wont work with 2024, but use at your own risk, so to speak.


I love my Z8. It’s quick and snappy. But it’s also old news. When I upgrade I like to go for the latest and the greatest, then run it into the ground over 4 or 5 years.

It’s pretty much the smartest way to go.

It was our Autodesk reseller that told us

as a side note, the z800s truly are dead to Flame, due to missing instruction sets on the CPU that is necessary for the latest ML stuff in 2023. We used those as render nodes in the past.

I put mine on an ice floe and waved good-by.

Tim, you weren’t interested in repurposing the z840 into a burn node?

Yeah how do you think they sell stuff? :slight_smile:

For me a burn node is about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

Just dry dock it, bro.

Yeah but you’re old z840s we’re eBay specials, nkt new from reseller. Right?

My company was mostly built from eBay and Amazon.

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Mine was built mostly from Craigslist and Backpage.


Mine was built mostly from Tinder and the Autodesk Area.

Watch out for those viruses!