Flame assist

Maybe I’m wrong, but didn’t Flame assist used to be bundled with Flame?

I remember having a Flame Premium license which included licenses of Flame, Flare, Flame assist and I think Lustre. That all went away when we had to switch to subscription.

We just had to trade in our Flame Premium License for the new subscription model at renewal. Only products now available in subscription are Flame and Lustre. At least what we were told. So our Flame Assist is now a Flame. And you can log into 2 machines with a license, thus making the Flare a Flame as well.

@YannLaforest is it correct that one cannot buy flame assist anymore?

Flame Assist and Flare are available via resellers.

Hi @johnt,

@randy is correct. Flame Assist is not available for purchase on the Autodesk e-store, but can be bought via resellers.


I was always curious why you have to go through a reseller for flare & flame assist?