Directional smoothing

Does anyone know of a matchbox/plugin/method to track in splines to smooth out hair. I know of Lewis Saunders matchbox to get rid of wires but that seems a bit too long winded to smooth a head of hair.

Thanks in advance.

Have you checked out LS_splineblur set to “radial”? I feel like I remember @ChrZap using this for flyaways in an FxPhD tutorial.

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I haven’t tried that. I’ll give it a go though. What I’m searching for is something like re:vision smoothing kit in flame. Using motion vectors to smooth hair. It seems that this spark is only in after effects.

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Interesting, I don’t spend much time in AE so I don’t know this plug-in. I don’t know if I’m understanding what you mean by smoothing hair though- I feel like I read it as fixing flyaways, but I’m not sure. So, definitely curious about how the plug in works.

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You track in splines, and then the picture is smoothed along the direction of the splines.

If leaving Flame is an option, there is also this nice tool in the Nuke world:


It does but only one spline per node.