Wip pan/seamless transitions

Most overused thing of 2023/2024 change my mind.

Nah, the whip pan has been the offline editor’s “lame transition of choice” for years.

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The seamless transitions are terrible if they are not planned before the shooting. Clients/directors want these transitions even if the lighting, lenses, and camera movements have no relation between the shots involved, and we end up doing weird stuff to make it look “seamless”.

Sh010: Cam moves to the right
Sh020: Cam moves to left while tracking in.

Client: wHy Is ThE iNvIsIbLe TrAnSiTiOn NoT wOrKiNg


i feel like its fetting worse.

but yes.

totally unmotivated tansitions, always

Client : Can we do a nice transition effect here
Me : Well, the BEST transition effect is a cut, it’s been in use for over a century in millions of productions. Can’t beat it…


Whip pans were popular in the Batman tv show in the 60’s. I prefer the snap-zoom transition. It’s way classier . . .


No way, bring back the clock wipe and page turn


The legendary Jon Hollis used to mimic telecine activity with the most elegant of actions and batches,

I lament that those days of artistry are mostly extinct.


I was always a fan of butt wipes.



I worked on a movie that had dozens of these in the early pandemic. I got quite good at them, but man were they work.

I did this TVC around a decade ago. It was a series of shots that had to be stitched together to make one seamless shot. There was one tricky part that needed a speed ramp to get through to make the TVC hit its length and it was always a means to get two big shots to marry together. The director comes in at 8am, sees the timewarp that I thought was working pretty well. He isn’t happy. We spend the next 5 hours with him trying to tell me where to ramp and not being satisfied, getting a bit irritated as the ramps weren’t working as he imagined. Anyway, we break for lunch, we come back and I play him where my speed ramp was initially at and he was like “That’s it, I knew we could get there with a bit more direction” (paraphrasing here). When I told him it was the speed ramp I had shown him first thing that morning, he refused to believe me!!

Another day in TVC land for most of you I’m sure…



Can’t live with 'em.
Can’t replace them with AI.
Oh, no, wait…

Oh yes, the old “show the client version one again after 10 failed versions” trick!

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After I finished round 3 of stupid tweeks the client asked for a posting with all 3 together. I labeled v2 as v1, v3 as v2, and v1 as v3. They chose v3, which was, of course, the first thing they had seen.

Soooo sneaky. I approve.


“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…”

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