Removing interlacing from sports footage

I’ve got some interlaced footage at varying frame rates. I need it all to be progressive. Yes I can bash it all together using field merge and then some sharpening and be done with it. But what’s the best way to finesse it and make it look as good as it can?

You don’t mention what framerate your final needs to be,but a lot depends on what the original resolution is and how much time you are willing to spend on it. I’ve found for the most part, that modern HD 59i can be deinterlaced with Interpolation turned on, and move on. It is what it is. Older SD material can be more tricky. Sometimes it’s easy to find a 2/3 pulldown in stuff that was shot on film. If you’re able to spend lots of time (yeah, right) then you may want to break it down into discreet F1’s and F2’s and then reconstruct accordingly. Otherwise you need to find that perfect spot on the curve between budget and result. In which case, sometimes field merge is the way to go.

Seems about right. Final output is 23.98. Some of the source footage is 25, some 29.97. No film original however. Fortunately none of this is SD.

I was impressed with the results of Resolve’s Deinterlace with Neural engine, the results were promising on pictures and as good as could be expected on high contrast text with round shapes.

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