Y_shape erroring out on linux Flame 2024.2

Hi there,

I have a few setups using Mile’s y_shape but it’s erroring out on Linux Flame 2024.2

[error] 3218255872 PPLogger.C:183 01/30/24:11:35:30.626 CProcessShader::RenderFrame::CreateRenderGraph

It still works fine in 2023.3

Does it work for anybody in 2024.2?

Not sure if Miles is on logik … Miles? are you here?

[Edit] found you :slight_smile: Hope you’re well mate!

I have the same problem on my side. The y_shape work in 2023.3 but not in 2024.2

Thanks for confirming @ncadorette1. Hope you’re well my friend.

I’m great

Sorry no solution… just very curious how this puppy is being used in a comp? Thanks in advance

base shapes for custom bokeh for example

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