Flame 2021.2 --> Matchbox bin in Action is empty

Hey all,

I’m a couple of days into 2021.2 and I’m noticing that the Matchbox bin in Action is empty. Has anyone else seen this?



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You need to make sure that the preferences are pointing toward the right corresponding folder on the drive. I’ve fallen issue a few times myself when updating.


Hmmm. In Prefs—>shader prefs the Action Node Bin setting for matchbox shaders is the default. When I hit Browse I see them.

I think the prefs for this one are in the Flame Setup app. By default it was set to ~/matchbox/shaders. I tried putting in the full manual path but that didn’t do the trick either (I’m in the same boat).

The strange part is that the Lightbox nodes are there, and they follow a similar path.

Weird. Thanks, Jeff.

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yep happening to me to I opened a case but didn’t really hear back

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Found the problem! It was an old version of a Logik matchbox shader. We have a script that checks the site and downloads anything new, it it never removes the old versions. When we replaced the contents of that directory with a clean install the tab populated fine.