You've Been Burn'd Ep16: Odd Pixel Out


@Alan Here is what is happening:

After you reported that Crop/Lock Output was introducing filtering earlier this year we made a change in the 2023 release. If we can guarantee that the pixels in the Crop Box will be exactly the same in the output then we do not apply any filtering. In the case above we cannot guarantee it and a filtering is applied. Therefore, you shouldn’t get any difference if in the node where you manually set the output resolution you select Fill and Mitchell in the Resizing options.

Hi Fred,

This is why I made a feature request for a “Force Clean” mode in Resize. We should not have to keep track of the magic variables that control a clean crop or not. I want a button that will just force the proper settings leading to a clean extraction, even if that means changing the pixel WxH, ratio, whatever. I don’t want to have to go thru trial and error guessing finding the mystery settings.


Can you confirm that you no longer have any problem (as of Flame 2023) with even resolutions.

Ep18 (and I think this 16 too) was made in 2023 and has even number problems. I have not tried in any version newer than 2023 release, no time.