Resize Behaving wrong

Hi everyone.
I just found out last week on a Linux 2021.2 Flame a very unexpected behaviour with resize Node.

Let me explain.
I had from Grading a rush in 3200x1800 that had black letterbox at the top and the bottom. As I don’t want to carry any unnecessary pixel along my batch setups, I did a resize, in Crop mode to remove all the black pixels.
My image went then from 3200x1800 to 3200x1688.
I did all my work (essentially beauty work), and at the end, I put another resize node to add the letterbox back and get my native resolution back.
Very classic and basic thing.

Very annoyingly, when checking between source and result with a difference matte, I found out that even the untouched (by me) pixels where very slightly altered.

After a few tests, I found out that the first resize node, even in crop mode, (and even staying in the legacy correct resolutions of dividable by 4 numbers) Resize applies a filtering that alters the image when cutting out the letterbox.
It definitely shouldn’t.

If I do the same with action (to remove letterbox and then put them back), I have absolutely no difference at the end of the schematic, even with gain at 10.000.

Unless I do something wrong, there’s a quite annoying bug in the resize node.

If anyone has info about that, please let me now, otherwise, I’ll get in touche with dev team via feedback page.

You can find a very light archive of the test I made on a Mac 2022.2 Flame version if you want to check it out.

Thx all.

This has been discussed in the past and fixed in the latest release. A work-around is to set your resize to anything but center crop, change the filter to bicubic, then change back to center crop. This should keep the untouched pixels unfiltered.


Ok thx Tim. I thought it might had been fixed in newer versions but didn’t have the opportunity to check that yet. I will surely do.

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Yup…all these things should be fixed in 2023.2

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Another work around is to not use Crop/Lock Output and set the parameters manually.

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Yes, thx for that new workaround.

Actually I already used action to do the resize and everything was perfect at the end.

I was mainly hoping to make everyone aware of the issue.
I’m more than glad that it is fixed now in 2023.2.

Thx For the very quick help, once again.