You've Been Sooth'd Ep2: Fuque Yeah... This is good


Nice video, Alan, thank you :+1:

The buried lede here is that Alan Latteri uses Modular Keyer.

I actually use it quite alot. There is a lot of power there that many people discount.



Awesome video Alan!

I inherited a Batch setup that had been through at least two artists before it arrived at my tablet.

Artist #1 had built up a multi-layer matte across four Action layers, each using the MK – something I might have done back in 2006.

Artist #2 titled that Action as “omg who uses modular keyer anymore”


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Alan –

I agree, the MK is very powerful but I stopped using it because it’s inconvenient to see Batch contexts when working.

Over the past ten years or so I’ve only picked up one Batch setup that uses MK.

Thank you for the proper spelling, GPM!

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What is inconvenient @chris? The shortcuts that are different? Something else?

I think @chris means looking at contexts that are outside of the MK in the bigger batch tree. This is crucial when taking over from another artist. And I’m not sure if this is possible or not, let me check… and nope, it’s not.

Right. They are available from the Modular Keyer node but not in the MK accessed through Action.


This is why I transitioned to using the Modular Keyer outside of Action. All the functionality with nothing hidden.


Do all of your keying outside of action! We live in a society.


+1 MK isn’t that bad but the action import corrections for media are slowing down everything so much without showing


Yes, Sinan –

When in the MK on a Action Layer (Media) it’s very difficult to view the larger result afforded by a Batch Context.