Z data offset

Just curious but does anyone know why when connecting an axis to various tracks does the Z in that axis add what seems like an arbitrary number to it so it doesn’t sit in that position in space? This often trips me up when I think gosh why isn’t that layer tracking, oh its because its +728 in Z in the connected axis ? I don’t understand why it adds what seems like an arbitrary number and why it only does it in Z?

as far as I know (admittedly not very) this is some version of the what-you-see-is-what-you-get aspect to drag & drop in flame, so if you have a tracked or otherwise altered camera in flame, flame tries to place additional axis nodes into a perceptually correct space w/r/t the viewer.

My hunch here is the goal is to make it so when you drag an image into frame on a camera that’s pivoted 180, you still see the image.

but yeah, I zero out a fair amount of axis nodes due to this.

Yea i figured it was something silly stupid like that I wish their was a preference to “always keep new axis zero” or something like that, not sure why it would only happen in Z and not Z or Y but whatever just one of those things that always makes me wonder who the hell wants an axis to do that?

Please ignore all the spelling errors I am to lazy to correct them, but not lazy enough to type this.

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If you double tap the axis node rather than drag it out of the bin I think you can avoid this.

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