Offset axis mask planar track

Just curious here, often I do a mask planar track and copy and paste that data into action for layers to be tracked, anyone have any good tips for offsetting that tracking data so I can zero out the layer on a certain frame?

scratch that figured it out copy the data then negate duh…

Oh weird ok sorry I am having a full on conversation with myself as I try and figure something out, that didn’t work, if I copy the axis data and keep but invert it seems to do it on the surface layer not axis data so while it looks correct on that frame it animates incorrectly any other ideas?

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So you have a planar track on something, and you want to paint onto it and use your planar track to move that paint, right? You just need to dupe your tracked axis, parent it underneath the original, invert it (with the button in the Axis UI, not in the animation editor), do a Keep on the frame you painted, and you should be good to go.

well I am taking the axis from the mask tracer, but that’s exactly what I did and that didn’t work, once I scrub it look like it animates even though I did keep frame.