Zooming to a certain region of a shot


Is there a way to zoom-in / zoom-out to a certain region of a shot (picture with a still duration)?
If possible within the Timeline/TL FX (because I don’t have (yet) experience with Batch/Node bases comping :frowning:

Thank’s a lot!

I am on Flame 2021.2

Depending on hotkey settings, you should be able to do this easily with control-space drag-zoom.

Thanks for the fast reply. I start to understand that i missed an important fact…

During playback of the clip a predefined area(defined by the Flame op) of the shot, should be automatically zoomed in, that the person listening the clip (not the Flame op) can see more details.

Ah. Then you’ll need to change your monitor settings under preferences. I believe the toggle is Screen Grab. That will display the zoomed image on the client monitor.

Sorry… instead of “that the person listening the clip”, I should have said:
persons who are watching the clip on Youtube.

use a 2d transform and then use either scale or z-position to move in/out, and x/y position to pick the spot.

and keyframes to mark the start and end of the move

Thank’s for the patience, my formulation was unclear! 2d Transform does the job:)

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