Zoom question

probably a dumb question, but this is something that has irritated me for years…

is there a keyboard shortcut that allows you to zoom in/out with the zoom centred on the cursor?

I use ctrl/spacebar all the time to zoom in / out and its really annoying having to reframe the window manually with every zoom. Surely its not too big a task to have the viewer scale up based around the cursor rather than window centre?


I asked for this some years ago and was told it was too big an ask.

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As well as the ask to keep multi-up views at the same zoom level.

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I thought the scroll wheel did this on the mouse . . .

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i haven’t used a mouse for 17yrs…too much like painting with a soap on a rope.

annoying - its just one option out of several available in Cinema4d.

I have a lengthy list of basic interface enhancements/needs. But I don’t have time to do the whole process. When you ask directly and are rebuffed, it kinda takes the wind out of the sails to pursue it officially.

i know what you mean - when i first started using Smoke 7/8 yrs ago, i almost immediately put in a feature request to have the option to stop the timeline focus jumping all over the place - just stick to the top track like every other editor ever made, and for a video editor who wants the timeline to playback quickly without having to manually select how high up the layers it views from, thats incredibly frustrating…and still is.

It took them over 25 years to implement percentage based scaling. Good luck.


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I might be wrong, but I’m not aware of a node-based compositing program that does not have follow-zoom. Am I wrong?

There are multiple factors that are considered when we make decisions on what we will implement. Some of these factors are the demand (Flame Feedback, Forums, Validations, User Meetings, etc.) and the time estimated to implement something.

So when you say you were told it is too big an ask it probably means that it falls in the category of “there’s not a lot of demand and it takes a lot of time to implement”. Those are probably the worst investment we can make.

That being said, it’s been a long time we haven’t evaluated this. People interested should take a minute to add their vote to FI-00640 which is the existing Flame Feedback Request that has no vote than the original submitter. If there’s enough demand we may run another evaluation.


Makes sense. Like anything in life, if you want change you have to (a) request it and then (b) run a lobbying campaign to build support around it. Age old paradigm.


Similar and related… I’d like to have two or more viewports synced together. So they both have the same pan/zoom when you move one of them.


Thanks Fred. Sorry, no offense.

No offense taken. I am just trying to explain how it works on our side so you guys have a better understanding of it.