Flame 2022 TL FX Delete issue

It’s the craziest thing. I can’t delete an action TL effect from any segment. It won’t alt click. it wont drag to the trash . . . nothing. On some clips I get the message “selection contains locked clips” when I try to drag it off the bottom of screen. There is no “Delete” under the right click options. Every other TL effect seems to work as expected. I’ve done a quick search of the manual and came up with nothing.

If the Action TLFX is doing resizing, you need to unmute the TL Resize, then the Action TL should become deletable.

I just figured that out, sort of. I need to turn resize on before I can delete action. That’s a new one on me. It used to be that resize turned on automatically when action was deleted. Is there a pref for that?

Yes that’s true and I’ve been meaning to report it. I think this change might have something to do with the dragging of explorer setups onto clips.

I tried it every which way, from adding explorer setup to starting from scratch to old projects from an archive. It seems to be across the board and it’s the second thing that requires extra steps that I do multiple times a day that I have found in 2022.

Hey guys, did anyone of you report this? Really annoying “feature”.

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It might be possible to toggle the resize with a Python script, which would at least give you a hotkey to toggle it. It doesn’t fix the problem but might make dealing with it less of a pain in the ass. I’m happy to take a look if you’d like.

Thank you!

Thats fine now that i know how to deal with it, ill just press on resize before i want to delete action : )
But thanks anyway!

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I think there is already a hotkey for that. I’m thinking it would be better to have a hotkey that resets the action to default. The problem manifests itself when I want to throw out the existing action and start over.

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