ARRI LogC v4 for Flame version 2023.1

Hi all! Hope everyone’s doing well.

Silly question perhaps - I am still on 2023.1 and will try to upgrade asap but due to licensing/purchase issues that would take too long to explain here, riddle me this:

Is it at all possible to install Arri LogC v4 SynColor profile in an earlier version like mine? I was hoping that might be a matter of downloading a profile form Arri and/or Autodesk, put it in the right folder, and ta-daa it also works in 2023.1? Or is that too good to be true?

Because you might have guessed - Alexa35 footage; and with v3 it just goes dark…

Ok thanks!!

Arri has cubes on their website

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they have not yet provided a logC4 to linear/ACES lut as thats whats really needed to get it into flame correctly. :frowning:

I do have a .sp1d lut and a matrix to go from logC4 to ACES but flame cant read those :smiley:

I would suggest just converting those files to ACES EXRs in resolve…

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@finnjaeger does transforms->camera->Arri->LogC4-AWG4_to_ACES.ctf not do that? That’s from 2023.3.


You might be able to translate that LUT into something Flame can read. Haven’t tried that combination though: Is there an existing Matrix node, or I guess we could wrap it in a matchbox.

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i mean… maybe? i have never tried but I think that SHOULD work

Thank you all for the suggestions… yeah so those cubes from the ARRI site won’t work?

@hBomb42 I am still on 2023.1 so…no v4 transforms yet unfortunately

@finnjaeger yeah I jumped in Resolve in the meantime…I guess best option is to upgrade asap…

Thanks all!