Freeze projections performance bug

Been running into this here and there between quiet a few versions, I just unlock my camera, remove all but one keyframe and its fast again, but its obviously more steps then just use the “freeze” button in the projector node.

Anyone else having this or am I doing something wrong? As soon as I use the freeze button on a projector node my whole performance will go down to a level where I can barely move a node in action, it all starts stuttering, very weird. Ive had this on macs and linux systems alike, sometimes its fast but more than often it just kills my system.

Bug aside, are you using a projector for any particular reason?

Might be easier to just switch to projecting through a camera.

interesting I thought I have to add projector node to a camera to do projections? need to check that out

I pretty much always use a diffuse map hung off the geo and set Mapping to projection. I think there is some functionality in the projector that you lose by switching to diffuse maps, but nothing crucial. I didn’t even realize you can use motion vectors with a projector until I read through the manual this morning. Other than that, the only other thing I can think of is projecting onto geo with loads of individual pieces(like so many that parenting a diffuse map to all of them would be painful).

I almost never use the projector though, so there may be more things of which I’m not aware.

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Dupe your camera, keep the frame you want projected, then add a diffuse map to your target surface/object and set its texture mode to Projection and tell it to use the camera you just duped and edited. This has the side benefit of the projection showing up correctly in the action’s matte output.