2023: anyone having bigly crashes using particles on Mac?

2023.1, MacPro, 11.8.1 Big Sur, AMD Radeon Pro.

I haven’t done particles since moving to Mac. I’ve had 4 instances of my computer completely turning off when playing around with particles for a test. Just Autodesk presets.

Mac crash report is “Panic(CPU 0…) …NMIPI for unresponsive processor: TBI flush timeout…”

Weird. I have been working with particles all the time. Trashcan, iMacPro, MacBookPro 2016 and haven’t experienced any crashes related to particles.

First thing that comes to mind is the way Autodesk presets are set up. There is some weird axis parameters controlling the particles with animation channel links, that I could never get my head around. Maybe it’s because of that.

Could you name the setups that crash and tell what you do?

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1920x1080. Smoke: “Lookat” and “Light Smoke” I was just playing with position, angle of emissions, number and life of particles. Basic stuff. Nothing fancy. Pre rolled 60 frames.

They are confusing. Expressions and links that operate in unintuitive ways.

It went longer before crashing in Batch. BatchFX maybe went 30 mins.

WELP, it’s not particles.

I just hard crashed moving some clips in the timeline.

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Hmm. It must be some hardware issue I guess.

Opened it up and blew out the (minimal) dust. Made sure cards were seated tight. Didn’t smack it which was the old AVID trick… Been uptime since then.

Plot thickens. Two co-workers with same system config experiencing shutdowns in 2023.1

Just bumping this thread in case more of you are out there.

Day1 on 2023.1 - 7 Hard crashes in one day, easy comps. Dropping into timeline. End of a paint render. Tabbing out of Flame to check email… Crazy as I had 1-2 crashes in 3months 2022.3.

Going back to 2022.3 next project.

MacPro 2019 AMD Raedon Vega Pro 2

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Yup. I’m hearing it’s happening at other studios too. I’ve gone back to 2022 for now.

@HugeRichards @aaronneitz Have you sent CER reports after your crashes? If so, please make sure to put your names in the reports so we can associated your comments here to them.

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@fredwarren I don’t get the Autodesk Crash Report - the entire Mac turns OFF and reboots. I have saved several Apple Crash Logs if that would be useful? Also other coworkers have been too.

Hmm. Sounds like hardware/Mac stuff for sure. Have you reset the PRAM lately?

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I’ll give PRAM zap a go. But we have 3 machines exhibiting the problem, so seems more intrinsic. I’m also going to upgrade to Monterey after this job wraps.

Make sure you rebuild the desktop, too!



Is that still a thing in Mac land? If so remind me how that’s done?

Not since OS 9, sorry that was a joke.


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